Payment / Shipping

The shipping fees are made up of various elements:

Shipping conditions: Our products require different temperatures to keep them stable. We offer three different temperature conditions for shipment: Room Temperature, Blue Ice and Dry Ice shipments. Each condition has its own costs (see table below).

If multiple products are ordered that require different shipping conditions (and therefore multiple parcels), only the most expensive parcel is charged, the other(s) are free. 

Shipping destination: The shipping destination has also an impact on the shipping costs (see the different delivery zones below). Please note that there might be differences from the listed shipping costs since some countries cannot be served with a standard courier (especially for dry ice shipments this might be the case). In these cases you will be informed about the alternative costs.

In addition to the costs listed below for the different shipping zones you may be charged for handling fees and taxes as your order passes through customs. These additional charges on a parcel must be paid by the person receiving the parcel.

  Room temperature Blue ice Dry ice
Germany   12   25   30
European Union   35   45   90
USA, Hawaii, Canada 70   100   145  
Switzerland & Norway, UK   52   60   100
Rest of World* 98 75 137 105 175 135

*Invoices (including shipping cost) for North and South America are issued in USD, all other countries not listed separately above receive invoices (including shipping cost) in EUR.

Online orders in our web shop above EUR 750 [USD 1000] are shipped free of charge!

For all other shipments, including orders by e-mail or phone, the price table above applies.

Local Distributors: IBA works with a world-wide network of distributors, from which you can order directly.