Application Notes

Browse through our application notes, which contain protocols and example data demonstrating use our products.

  • Strep-Tactin_highcapacity-vs-Strep-TactinXT_Application_Note.pdf (690.42 KiB)
    Comparative analysis in a case study based on the Latex Clearing Protein
  • Combining_MHC_I_and_CD8+_Fab-Streptamer_Reagents_Application_Note.pdf (803.55 KiB)
    Tandem purification of cells
  • Strep-TactinXT_high_capacity_Application_Note.pdf (495.09 KiB)
    High capacity meets high affinity
  • Strep-TactinXT_vs_Strep-Tactin_Application_Note.pdf (917.89 KiB)
    A comparison of Strep-Tactin®XT and Strep-Tactin® protein purification
  • From_Mammalian_Cell_Cultures_to_Pure_Proteins_SartoclearDynamics_Application_Note.pdf (359.55 KiB)
    Efficient production of highly pure proteins
  • GFP-Selector-Resins_Application_Note.pdf (778.77 KiB)
    The next generation of GFP immunoprecipitation resins
  • High_affinity_capturing_of_tagged_proteins_on_the_switchSENSE_biochip_using_Strep-TactinXT_Application_Note.pdf (612.16 KiB)
    Strep-Tactin®XT I functionalization I sandwich assay I Strep-tag® I capture
  • Isolation_of_exosomes_from_Jurkat_cells_and_human_serum_Application_Note.pdf (402.66 KiB)
    High quality exosome isolation with Fab-TACS® technology
  • Strep-TactinXT_Assay_system_Application_Note.pdf (620.24 KiB)
    Convenient assays and high-throughput screenings
  • Depletion_of_cell_populations_from_different_samples.pdf (1.75 MiB)
    An affinity chromatography approach
  • Isolation_of_exosomes_from_MSC_Application_Note.pdf (197.17 KiB)
    High quality exosome isolation with Fab-TACS® technology
  • Negative_cell_selection_using_affinity_chromatography.pdf (1.54 MiB)
    A fast and simple method
  • Strep-TactinXT-Twin-Strep-Tag_vs_His-tag_Application_Note.pdf (1.02 MiB)
    Advantages compared to the His-tag purification system

Brochures & Flyers

Read more about our products in our brochures and flyers.

  • Strep-TactinXT_flyer.pdf (1.94 MiB)
    One step to high protein purity
  • MagStrep_Type3_XT_Beads_flyer.pdf (1.5 MiB)
    Magnetic Strep-tag® purification at its best!
  • Strep-TactinXT_and_Twin-Strep-tag_brochure.pdf (5.92 MiB)
    Unparalleled performance!
  • Strep-TactinXT-highcapacity_flyer.pdf (1.07 MiB)
    High affinity meets high capacity
  • Strep-Tactin-vs-Strep-Tactin-XT_flyer.pdf (1.8 MiB)
    Comparing protein purification systems
  • Strep-TactinXT_4Flow_flyer.pdf (838.57 KiB)
    Efficient purification of large proteins
  • Protein_Production_and_Assays_brochure.pdf (4.21 MiB)
    Cloning - Expression - Purification - Detection - Immobilization
  • MEXi_Mammalian_Expression_System_flyer.pdf (651.57 KiB)
    The MEXi system combines high protein yields with high purity
  • Streptavidin_flyer.pdf (1.41 MiB)
    Bulk material with reliable quality


Browse through our scientific posters presented at conferences by our research staff.

  • Poster_PEGS_Boston_2020.pdf (803.87 KiB)
    The Strep-tag® technology − Outstanding performance from purification to analytic applications
  • PepTalk_2020_San_Diego_Poster.pdf (1.72 MiB)
    Outstanding performance from purification to immobilization − Strep-tag® system

White papers

Our white papers aim to provide in-depth information on the Strep-tag® technology as well as application examples.

  • White_paper_Transient_expression_in_mammalian_cells.pdf (1.3 MiB)
    A perfect combination of expression and purification
  • White_paper_Comparison_protein_purification_systems.pdf (1.68 MiB)
    Comprehensive comparison of the Strep-tag® technology with the His-tag system